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Microsoft just finished up their massive console reveal press conference moments ago, and my head is still buzzing.  As you may recall, the company spent a good amount of money in subterfuge over the last couple of weeks, leading us to believe that the name of this console would be Fusion, or as some others suggested, Infinity.  Instead we learned they are sticking with their numerical naming convention, and we were introduced to Xbox One.

This device is heralded as the only item you will need in your living room aside from the TV itself.  With 8GB of ram, a Blu-Ray drive, HDMI in/out, USB 3.0 and 5 billion transistors, this is definitely a beast for gaming.  Some of the more interesting aspects of the system include always on Cloud connectivity, a revamped OS that ties in the best of Xbox Live and Windows UI to bring you content tailored to your tastes, a more sensitive Kinect camera that can even read your heartbeat and a controller with joystick sensitivity I don't yet understand.  Also impressive is the fact that Xbox Live will have 300,000 servers supporting their new architecture, compaired to the 15,000 they have online today.  We'll learn more about the console and the infrastructure supporting it at E3 next month.

I knew that Microsoft would blow Sony out of the water when it came to their console reveal presentation, not that the bar was set that high.  I like what I see out of Xbox One, but I don't think 15 exclusives will be enough to make this the only console in my living room.  They'd have to buy Nintendo and steal away the Sony exclusives for that to happen.    What do you think about the new Xbox?  Lame name, or slick nick?







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Sony just got vaporized >.>

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