One of the roles I enjoy in most MMOs is the one who just buffs and debuffs things in interesting ways. One of the most common roles to do this in a lot of games is the Bard, the class who uses instruments as a tool for combat. In Aion 4.0, we got a look at the infamous gunslinger class but now, NCSoft aims to pull you in with their music through the Trabadour class.

This class is rather elegant in its movements but I actually spent more time laughing at this video if anything. This rendition of the music-using support role is probably the fruitiest i've seen yet. If I went back to Aion, would I play it? Heck yes, though, not sure about male asmodians shooting out a rainbow unicorn of glory into their adversaries... but I can work with that. See Square Enix? THIS is a Bard! (I guess).

Aion 4.0: The Dark Betrayal will be headed its way to PC in June. You will then proceed to enjoy the new Gunslinger or Bard role should you choose! Check out the preview video below and brace for color!

[Video via AionUS]

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