It's actually been awhile since i've tried to catch-up on my Aion intel. Much to my surprise, they're coming up on "Aion 4.0: the Dark Betrayal" which will bring the game a whole lot of new features including new classes. The class that got my attention was, surprise surprise, the Gunslinger. One, it's got guns and two, the male version looks like Dante.

The Gun Slinger class looks fun! On top of that, Aion's combat looks vastly improved from when we last met, which honestly was around the time of its launch. Perhaps, this is a good time to return to the game.... Live stream anyone?

Aion 4.0: The Dark Betrayal launches in June, which is around the time Final Fantasy XIV will enter Open Beta. The pressure is on and the title of MMO of the year could go to anyone! Thoughts on what Aion was, or at least what you hope it will be? Comment below! Click the jumper below to view the class preview video as well.


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