There's some controversy regarding Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's rendition of the classic Bard class. The famous job will now make it's debut as the advanced version of the Archer role. I take it this is due to their desire to amp everyone's damage and ability to solo-level up to a higher point in the game. Of course, there are those, much like myself, who prefer the instrument-wielding, pure support role that is the original Bard.

Not every class in an MMO needs to do damage but until Square Enix sort this out, enjoy a skill-medley created by a Monk with a passion for beats. This video was amusing enough for me to share!

Final Fantasy XIV relaunches during the summer, when it's "hot." Stay tuned for more details about the game on June 11th-13th during the week of E3. Click the jumper below for the video!

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