Today, I got to try my hand at A Realm Reborn's remake of 1.0's original Good King Moogle fight. Well, I wouldn't call it a total remake but hey, can't complain about more content. The fight is an 8-man primal battle that pits you against the Moogle King and his subordinates, each with a different job and set of skills marked by the equipment they are wearing. The battle itself can get extremely frentic so you'll be on your toes 90% of the battle.

The most annoying thing about the battle is the fact that the gladiator moogle as well as the king can taunt multiple members of your party which forces you to walk up to them. If other moogles are alive like the Black Mage or archer, you'll likely to die with all the area-of-effect damage they can dish out. There's also a lot of dodging that needs to be done but what fight doesn't?

This fight is entirely dependent on what your party wants to do for a kill order and there are a handful of combinations. Most parties don't take out the gladiator moogle first but our party did because the taunt was the most annoying mechanic for us to over-come. Maybe my job would've been easier with the DPS moogles taken down first but I had more fun doing it this way. Anyway, i'll leave you to watch the video! Enjoy.


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