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Square Enix is almost ready to roll out A Realm Reborn's patch 2.1, now dubbed "A Realm Awoken", on December 17th, which will be the game's first major content update, and now they have released a trailer to show off all the goodies. The upcoming patch has a whole bunch of new dungeons, story, and a new endgame raid as well as introduces the Wolves' Den which is the PvP mode. On top of PvE updates, the game is introducing general player content like the new housing system and improvements to quality-of-life such as fixing lag in popular areas.

Players, including myself, have waited a long time for this moment since dungeon grinding two available areas has become stale and bland and we really need a refresh in content. This patch was originally scheduled for an October release but was delayed due to server issues during the game's well-recieved initial launch. On top of the massive amount of content, we're looking at some class balancing as well which is great. In fact, the patch is massive enough to warrent its own page on the main website and gives the update an expansion-like feel to.

The video itself is fairly detailed and gives us such a nice glimpse of all the new features, from new hairstyles to new dungeons that it is practically a spoiler in its own right. The new gear is featured and a ton of the housing items are also given some screen time. A lot of the stuff was already known so getting a more detailed look at something that was supposed to happen earlier in the game's life is quite nice.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm reborn's Patch 2.1 is scheduled to go live on December 17th, 2013. Check out the video below!

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