So the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Open Beta is going on which gave me a good reason to check it out. I'm a pretty big fan of TCG but the original ideas behind Hearthstone didn't seem appealing to me because of the fast, casual, pre-ruling Yu-Gi-Oh-esque flow of the game. With that said, what is 'on paper' is definitely not what is reality and Blizzard's new virtual card game is kind of cool.

After playing the tutorial, which was quite witty and interesting (or silly and annoying, depending on the person), I played some bots to unlock the Priest class and more cards for it. According to my readings, the priest is currently under-powered, but he's also the only character that looks normal... and is a guy (or boy) so I will learn to master him.

Of course, while my track record is pretty good now, my opening journey was not #humblebeginnings #ThePainIsReal. I recorded my first game against an opponent named "Thrall." Yea, totally original! I know, right!? Ahem, well, I'll just leave you to watch the bloodbath. Enjoy!

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I played in the Hearthstone closed Beta a bit, live streamed some of me failing against bots. I got better but I haven't played it in a few months (real life took me for a long walk), however I'd love to jump back into a few matches. I also enjoy the priest class in the game but for other reasons.

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