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Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall has had quite the positive reception since the game's beta and with good reason too. It combines a lot of the great aspects of popular franchise, Call of Duty, and simply gives players more power in the palm of their hands with mechs, jet packs, and extremely large maps. It's so refreshing to be less limited in-terms of player movement.

Unfortunately, I got little hands-on time with this beast of a shooter but what I did see, I liked. The game is vastly more fast-paced than most of the shooters out right now yet still has mechanics that make it viable for FPS fans of all types. I do enjoy how it's not limiting on the ability to summon your Titan Mech as it is achievable through killing AI-controlled units rather than putting in a ceiling of entry and relying on player kill streaks only. And well, this trailer shows the rest.

Click the jump below for all the mechanized goodness you need for today.

Titanfall launches on March 11th, 2014 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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I can't wait, I had a blast playing it. Harkens back to my old FPS days where you just kept spawning in till the match was over. Oh and I have wall run now.


Yesterday there was a bit of Dramafall due to an announcement of the Season Pass being available for purchase after saying back on Feb that there would be no season pass. Silly PR people.

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