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Riot Games has a lot of plans for League of Legends and they're ready to show the world what they've been cooking. During the April 1st patch, players will have live beta access to the game mode: Ultra Rapid Fire, which previews the future of the game and what Riot has in store for its players for the 2015 season. I guess Riot just could not contain their excitement and really wanted to put these changes into the hands of its very critque-centric players immediately.

The motive behind all these changes is a complex mathematical equation that explains the theory behind mana and fun. Turns out leading engineers behind the scenes have cracked the code and have found the ultimate answer which lead to the official decision of removing all mana costs and cooldowns from the game. This move is the culmination of everything players enjoy from the game since "when you are out of mana, you are not having fun," Jatt, esports analyst for Riot Games exclaims.

If you've stopped playing League of Legends, or have not tried it yet, it's best to play now so you can see the future of the game and what it takes to truly have fun playing video games. The full patch preview can be seen below:

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