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Hecarim, the latest champion to join the League of Legends pantheon, is one centaur that should not be trifled with on the fields of justice. This Greek myth-based character is a speed demon from the very depths of Hades. He is a tanky dps that can jungle and run incredibly fast. I personally love this character because of how well he can control the crowd with his falcon ki… I mean Devastating Charge (Ability E).

Passive: If you are annoyed by constantly running around minions look no further. Hecarim runs right through them. Also, his movement speed causes him to gains bonus attack damage.

Ability Q Rampage:  Hecarim epically swings his cleaver damaging everything in front of him. It also does half damage to minions. This ability’s cool down decreases by one if it deals damage, with a stack limit of two.

Ability W Spirit of Dread: Hecarim summons a circle around him dealing magic damage for 4 seconds, gaining health equal to the percentage of damage enemies take.

Ability E Devastating Charge: Hecarim’s speed increases for a small duration. When his speed increases he deals more physical damage. Impacting enemies with this ability also knocks the opponent back.

Ability R Onslaught of Shadows: Hecarim summons other riders to charge forward by his side dealing damage to anyone in his path. As you charge forward you have a shockwave ability that makes opponents flee away from you. Your cursor shows the direction and point of when and where you want to activate your shockwave.

Tips: He is a jungler and a great lane partner. Every time I solo top with him, I died because he has no lane sustain. He can solo top but it is extremely difficult. Ganking depends on the opponent’s location, if they are pushed back towards their turret. Hecarim has Devastating Charge attack that hits opponents back towards the direction he is heading. So basically when you gank, come from the shrub from the opposing turret side rather than the river bush. Use the river bush if your team mate is pushed back.

Build: Build a Mercury Tread or Tabi Boots depending on your opponent. Next build a Wriggles Lantern and a Frozen Mallet. Atmas Impaler, Force of Nature and Trinity Force would be built mid to late game. Notice that the build is defense mixed with attack damage. You want to be able to dive in the center of the enemy team and survive during the team fight. Your job is to initiate first and become the target of everyone so your team can destroy them.


Leading his legion of ghost horses, Hecarim is a horse with a mission; a mission to destroy everything in his path. Even a proud nation like Demacia is hesitant to fight this spectral steed. His only purpose of existence is to fight, which is why he demanded to join the League of Legends.

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I wonder if he gets distracted by carrots.  If so maybe the next hero will be a Gary the Gardener.

Do you play Hecarim often?  How does he compare to some of the other tanky heroes in the pantheon?

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I have not gotten around to play him yet, going to steal Ohan account for a bit to try him out. When I go against him when I am Ashe, I hate him for the fact he can get to me fast and out run me when he gets low and I am trying to go for a kill.

[fraggadier] @ 1:30:40 PM Apr 26, 2012
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Olaf is a better tanky hero in my opinion. When I pick Hecarim we usually lose, but Olaf can take a hit, but also kills things fast because of his true damage. Distraction items sounds like an interesting item. lol But yeah, hecarim slowly kills you, Olaf bursts you down quick.

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Well see, now you're being biased towards Olaf just cause you perform on a subpar level using Hecarim lol. Hecarim is arguably far more tanky and does a better job at the role then Olaf ever will.

Olaf does have burst and has superior dps because well, that's his role, but in-exchange he doesn't provide any utility for his team, where as Hecarim, though weaker, STILL has potent dmg (assuming you're the tank and your team is holding all damage potency) and decent utility for team fights.

[fraggadier] @ 2:29:08 PM Apr 26, 2012
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Of course that comment was biased, which is why I put in my opinion lol

[fraggadier] @ 2:30:47 PM Apr 26, 2012
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Hecarim is a great champion, I'm just not that great with him at the moment.

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So after reading the whole Hecarim preview.. I guess I might as well just play Olaf... -.- lol

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Hecarim? I barely know him!

[fraggadier] @ 2:37:22 PM Apr 26, 2012
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Fine, you know what, every match we play for the next week, I'm going to use nothing but Hecarim.

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Go for it lol. I pretty don't use the same champion twice in a row ever on the same day... Unless I sucked that match and feel like I can do better. Me and Tristana just don't mix even though I know how to counter every possible bottom lane champion at this point -.-

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All da +1 commetz, yo!

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So after stealing Ohan's account and played 2 games with Hecarim, first game I died a couple of times for not knowing my limit, 2nd game, I was blowing shit up, went 27/2/20. For the thing I notice, he does have a decent sustain, but you can easy run out of mana really fast. For that reason is why i died a lot more in the first game, sitting there, spamming my spells, you go oom really fast. Getting blue buff is nice.

Over all, if you pace your spells, you can regain your health and not run out of mana right away. I enjoy the second game I played with Hecarim and look forward to adding him to my collection of Summoners.

[fraggadier] @ 2:55:40 PM Apr 26, 2012
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27/2/20? bot match?

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Got to start so where, not going to go into a pvp match not knowing what I was going to do. Also, like playing pvp matches with someone, so will play him in a pvp match when Ken and you(Ohan) get on.

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It's called Tri-Force proc... If you time it, you do massive damage.. and this time, Phreak was telling the truth lol.

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