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Attention summoners and eSports fans alike! Riot Games has just revealed a taste of what’s to come for League of Legends’ season 3 competitions. LoL has become one of the largest online game in history, reaching play-time hours that match even Blizzard’s titan, World of Warcraft. Without a doubt, Riot recognized the game’s popularity and aim to take their bread-winning title to the next level. Benefits for the pros, players, and casual viewers? Absolutely!

The plan is to make the game way bigger than it already is. Riot wants to unite the three primary competitive continents; North America, Asia, and Europe, giving each of their top 8 teams salaries. Salaries! Believe it! As a full supporter of eSports, this right here makes me cry tears of joy, because I’ve said it a million times, “A game will never be eSports worthy without developer support.” Because of this, Riot has become ambitious enough to match these awesome top tier teams together in weekly live competitions -- competitions that will be streamed in full HD to the public… and wait for it…for FREE. So Riot is stepping up their game in the eSports world and making it a lot easier to access. Could this be the first worldwide mainstream eSports title? Quite possibly!

I'm quite happy about all of this. I've been a follower of eSports since Major League Gaming was just an idea on a napkin and every year I attend events, eSports just gets bigger and bigger. Heck, I went from sitting on bleachers to standing in the back with no seat at some events! It was once said by Sundance, CEO of MLG, that the most successful future eSports title will feature built-in streaming making the competitive arena easier to access and Riot has come to do that. It's also funny, that Riot Games holds the record for largest cash prize in eSports history and apparently, season 3 will beat their own record. What Riot is doing is simply just bizarre.

All of this plans to take place sometime in 2013. Season 2 is scheduled to end sometime this October after the grand finale and will likely have an "off-season" pause much like the gap between seasons one and two. I for one can’t wait and maybe I should start practicing my League game! Don't forget to check out the reveal video for this below and stay-tuned for more Season 3 information!


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