Treyarch just released their multiplayer reveal trailer for their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Lots of crazy stuff have been revealed in the trailer and their use of future weapons is definitely apparent.

I never expect much to change from Call of Duty to Call of Duty but this game seems quite a bit different in overall feel simply because the warfare era is not in the present. Lots of unique items and abilities were seen such as what looked to be EMP Knives and even a new game mode called "Multi-team deathmatch". Also, the graphics seem to have taken a leap of improvement from the last time i've seen the game which looked rather bland at the time. Now, the maps seem a bit more detailed and the motion is a lot more fluid.

I'm just going to stop wasting your time now so you can enjoy this video! Black Ops 2 is scheduled for worldwide release on November 13th, 2012.


[Video via CALLOFDUTY]

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You arent wasting our time, Ken - you are providing a valuable community service!

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