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You know, I love me some eSports, but I just never learn enough about the gamers behind the glamor.  Luckily Curse has me covered, because on August 1st  the Curse Pro Gaming House was born: a Beverly Hills mansion that will house their pro gaming League of Legends team.  The team will be filmed Real World style and livestreamed 24/7 as they play, strategize, and compete in the League of Legends Challenger Circuit.  They say the coverage will feel like a hybrid of a reality show and a 24/7 sports channel, and will include a weekly roundup show in addition to documenting the lives of the gamers.

The house itself is 8,000 square feet -- more than enough room for a gaggle of gamers and their managerial staff.  And before you Europeans start commenting about the fact that you're not represented, the Curse LoL team in Europe will also be housed in a similarly swanky setup in Berlin, Germany.  

Curse, Inc. Founder and CEO, Hubert Thieblot seems pretty happy with the project: “eSports in the western world are gaining in popularity at record breaking speeds and competitive gamers have become young celebrities that live an exhilarating lifestyle. Fans crave more from these new celebrities and want insight into their daily lives. Other gaming houses have portrayed pro gamers as uninteresting and lifeless individuals living in cramped quarters bound to their PCs. Curse plans to change that perception and show the fun side of training in the competitive scene.”

Considering League of Legends is now the most popular PC game on the planet, it's no surprise that Curse is making good use of their eSports team.  I think it's a brilliant use of their resources, since this is the company that has continually evolved throughout the years to stay relevant in this ever-changing world we call gaming.  Plus this really is a great chance to highlight the positive aspects of gaming culture.  I'm just hoping I get invited to their parties.  \

Broadcasts from the Curse Pro Gaming House will begin on August 10th.  Keep an eye on the Curse Feed for more information.

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The Curse Pro Gamers will definitely be living it up in Beverly.

Hills, that is.


Swimming pools...

Movie stars...

[fraggadier] @ 12:46:21 AM Aug 7, 2012
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It's League of Jersey Shore.... what is this world comming to

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