This weekend marked the finale of the 2011 MLG pro circuit season at the national finals in Providence, Rhode Island. The best gamers, not just from the nation, but from all over the world were present to compete for over $600,000 in prize money in some of today’s most popular games; Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach. Not only was it about the money, it was also about holding the title of “greatest gamer in the world” for their respective game, and of course, the shiny trophy that looks rather dangerous to hold.

MLG makes six stops throughout the year, MLG Anaheim being the one I religiously attend. Every year, the events only get bigger and better. With the addition of two other games onto the circuit this year; Starcraft II and League of Legends, the amount of global spectators is skyrocketing, and with good reason too. It can be rather enjoyable to watch the games you play on a daily basis being played at its highest possible level.

With more leagues within the states and internationally, more teams making their names well known, and more games to compete in, it won’t be long before eSports becomes something everyone participates in. If you’re curious to see what went on at MLG Providence and the placings for each game, click the jump.


Starcraft II


1st- Leenock ($50,000)

2nd- Naniwa ($25,000)

3rd- DonRaeGu ($15,000)

4th- MVP ($10,500)

5th- MC ($7,500)

6th- Huk ($5,250)

7th- Haypro ($3,750)

8th- Idra ($3,000)


League of Legends


1st- Team SoloMid ($15,000 + 3,250RP)

2nd- Epik Gaming ($8,000 + 2,500RP)

3rd- Team Dignitas ($5,000 + 2000RP)

4th- RFLX Gaming ($2,000 + 2000RP


Halo: Reach:

1st- Team Instinct ($100,000)

2nd- Warriors ($60,000)

3rd- Believe the Hype ($40,000)

4th- Team Classic ($28,000)

5th- Dynasty ($20,000)

6th- Final Boss ($14,000)

7th- Status Quo ($10,000)

8th- Active Rush ($8,000)


Call of Duty: Black Ops


1st- Quantic Next Threat ($50,000)

2nd- Eon Envy ($30,000)

3rd- Optic Gaming ($20,000)

4th- SVG Collapse ($14,000)

5th- Icons Xtravagant ($10,000)

6th- Quantic Leverage ($7,000)

7th- MG Notorious ($5,000)

8th- Quantic Fear ($4,000)

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Speaking of eSports, I find it crazy that sports are absent from any of the gaming leagues.  I partcipate in a NCAA Football - for PS3 - league.  If you know college football, then you know there are 120 Division I-A  (FBS) teams.  As such, we have 120 individual guys particpating in the league.  If you take a look at our website (see below), you will see that this isn't some simple pastime.  We have stat tracking and writing that rivals the major real-life sports stats.  The league is 24 seasons old and has been running since 2004.

Now, I know they have Madden tournaments, but what about an entire league for the sports games?  I simply do not understand why this hasn't come to be as of yet.

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That is an incredibly valid point. I personally am not into sports or sports video games, but that doesn't mean I don't feel other people have the right to play and compete in the genre they enjoy or excel at. The only possible reason I can come up with is that there may be licensing issues involved that prevent these titles from being used in organized competitions. If that is the case, it would be up to the various Leagues and Associations that run each individual sport to step forward and make these tournaments an actuality. 

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Ah, good point.  If they could ever get around that, it would be brilliant since sports inherently comes with its own competition structure and ruleset.

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A number of games based on actual sports aren't present at live events, but in most major gaming league(MLG, NGL, ESL, Virgin Online, and more...), they support a wide variety of them on the website, hosting a good number of online tournaments.

I do agree with Art on licensing issues. A ton of people get online to watch live feeds, and at one point, MLG had a season on an ESPN channel. That might be an issue for the actual sports league. Be funny to see someone like Tom Brady be on the Partiots on one channel and be part of the Packers on the next one heh.

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