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You know, I have always wished eSports could have been a party of my daily High School life but sometimes, it takes the previous generation to push the next one forward. The High School StarLeague is an organization that sets-up eSports competitions -- featuring some of the hottest titles like League of Legends, Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 -- for high school students across North America. This season, the final round of the competition set in June is offering a scholarship of more than $20,000. Twitch and Newegg each contributed $10,000 to the league to help support the cause. I really wish I had an opportunity like this in school so for all you youngins reading this, take advantage!

"Through tournaments and scholarships, we plan to prepare our aspiring and talented gamers for the professional gaming scene, while simultaneously ensuring success in their education and character development outside of the game."

- High School StarLeague COO Jesse Wang

While I enjoy eSports in all its glory, I'm not sure if competitive gaming alone is viable enough to push onto High School students during time that's meant for class. However, I do approve of the scholarship approach so that these aspiring eSports competitors can further their education, in perhaps game development or computer science courses, while still doing the hobby they have picked up for themselves. Trust me, while it's possible to be given proper training and conditioning, being a real physical sports athlete is not for everyone, and sometimes not even a viable option for some kids.

The High School StarLeague 2013-2014 finals take place in June in Southern California, and they'll be broadcast live on Twitch. I personally can't wait to check this out. it's amazing how talented some of the kids are these days at video games.

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