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Now this might come as a shock to, well, none of you, but I don't really have time to play all that many games.  That's why I love to find out what other people are playing.  We here at Game Geex live and breathe gaming, so I asked our writers what they are currently playing.  Here's what they had to say:


My current (very limited) game time gets sunk into Borderlands 2, Rift, Minecraft, and Final Fantasy XIV beta (when the servers are up). I've also been messing around with a handful of smaller/indie games on Steam, such as Defender's Quest, a tower defense/RPG mashup that is surprisingly addictive.


All I need in my life is League of Legends. I recently beat the Deadpool game and enjoyed all of it. Let that be a sneak peak for a certain upcoming article. Unfortunately I've been stalling until the new Star Wars Battlefront comes out!


I currently go through Final Fantasy XIV withdrawals. Being able to play the game you want to on weekends only is killer to my soul... 

 In the mean time, I enjoy Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 with Rogue Knight Gaming, League of Legends with the buddies, and Maplestory with my lone can of Mountain Dew.



I'm hooked on the Brain Storm beta. The game cycle is at the halfway point and getting brutal--epic PVP spread over the next 15 days as I frantically google trivia terms like "hyperbolic tessellation" to survive.  Rift is my other addiction and you'll find me there a lot. Really--when Summerfest starts, check Meridian NPCs and you'll see me (Maevrim) as a Fae, probably draining the punch.

^side note: really, I was told by one of the devs a couple days ago that there's a Summerfest NPC named after me :D He picked four of his twitter people he liked. Expect squealing and screenshots. I'm so excited!


I'm currently stuck in Neverwinter, don't tell the Starks. Between the ability to jump in for a quick 30 minute session and the website profession/auction access, this game has it's hooks in me bad. Sure DDO gave me a close option to this but Neverwinter is far more enjoyable and for me even tops the fun of Guild Wars 2. Pretty sure I'm done with subs at this point. Other than that I like to load up some insane puzzle platforming in Battle Block Theater. Between the commentary in game and twitch inducing traps this is my other quick pick as time allows. Also it entertains my 1-year-old, bonus!


In the few gaming moments I have, I find myself playing the WoW Auction House, then switching over to either Rift or Minecraft.  Those technicolor sheep won't breed themselves!

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Haha, niice. I only really ever play Guild Wars 2. Although I'll try pick up a game if it's cheap. Might get back into LoL too. Oceanic servers <3

FFXIV is on my watchlist atm though. It's looking nice!

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FFXIV is reaally nice. Such an improvement over what it used to be. Mind you, after a few updates, FFXIV 1.0 was getting good but alas, it was the part of the game no one ever saw.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 9:53:17 PM Jul 3, 2013
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I feel your pain Chaobo, got to  love them  ff14 Beta withdrawals. For the mean time its becoming hard and hard to find things to do to kill some time till FF14 Launch.  Pretty much just sit on Wow do the things I need to do then Log on over to play some Lol or Play around with some minncraft. I tryed neverwinter but I never have understood any of the Dungeon and Dragons way of things, So I found it some what hard when I did get into the Beta.  I did enjoy guildwars 2 when it first came out.  I played that game to death for the first month or so then I ran out of items that I wanted for my toons Look! But that game is a very good game,

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Wow raiding with frost and the rest of my guild every Tuesday and Wednesday. Lol most of the other time. I play the ff14 beta, was fun, cant wait for it to come out. And hopefully more beta in the future. Played some rift when it came free to play. And last, minecraft, where build house and blow them up with tnt.

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Yeah, I played FFXIV and it did improve a lot from launch, but I stopped playing after they ended the perma-free trial. Looking forward to maybe playing it again. I know a lot of friends are so would be rude not to!

But honestly, for me, nothing beats WvW on GW2. I stoppedp laying for a few months after launch but as soon as I got into WvW I was really hooked, and the game is improving every few weeks. Think they said they're be new content every two weeks so it's pretty exciting. I know a lot of my guildies now play Never WInter and say it's really good. Must be, they haven't come back! :(

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Neverwinter just couldn't keep me in.... No matter how much I tried to like it. It's not a bad game by any stretch, but it just didn't keep me entertained.

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