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When people talk about successful subscription MMOs, World of Warcraft is always held up as the shining example of how it's done right.  Now it appears that Blizzard might be looking into mixing up their payment model.  

According to Wowhead, there is at least one item in the Patch 5.4 PTR build labeled with the mysterious phrase "in game store."  The item in question is an elixir, called the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom, which looks like it grants a 100% experience bonus for killing mobs.  The in-game store label on this single item is enough to send the mind reeling.  What exactly does this mean for the future of WoW?

At it's most basic, an in-game store would mean that players could buy vanity items with Real Money Transactions. Granted, the Real Money Auction House in Diablo III has had its share of issues, which I would assume would make Blizzard leery to do something similar with their MMO giant.  Still, the microtransaction pay model is a lot more lucrative than the subscription model is, and they may be testing the waters in anticipation of whatever Titan may become.  

At this point it's all speculation, but it is amazing how three little words can start a rumor going.  Do you think WoW will be going free-to-play as it approaches its tenth year of service?  If so, is that a good or bad thing for players?


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Well, WoW has been around for a very long time and thus, a majority of its players are maxed leveled and well/decently-geared probably three times over on different characters.

Mechanically speaking, adding in a cash shop that would directly benefit the player (pay to win) would be completely game breaking. They'd have to think of more OP items to sell for players, especially top-tier guilds, to keep buying. That or sell raid-cap increases (if WoW has one) or something to the likes.

I think it's wrong to remove the subscription model, at least for WoW. It would save people a few extra bucks, but how much would Blizzard be losing in the long run if they do this? After all, until Titan actually does show up, World of Warcraft is their titan.

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From shy guy :P:

[8:19:46 PM] Frost Avenger: People like me who want to lvl a Toon dosent really want to because of how annoying it is to lvl on once you have like 10000000 already lvled up
[8:19:56 PM]  So id buy that 100% EXP gain for sure
[8:20:12 PM] I could see them selling EXP boosts and Rep Boosts for IRL money
[8:20:19 PM]  its Mostly wanted by the players
[8:20:23 PM]  Mainly ones with Alts

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Like "Frost" was saying, after you lvl a toon or two, you dont really have the will power to lvl another one or the time. When patch 5.3 came out, it made it easier to lvl from 85-90 by reducing exp need by a third. Having another 100% exp boost would be amazing to add on top of that.

For me, I still waiting until they put in the shop where you can pay $25 or so to turn any toon to lvl 80 and give it some decent gear at lvl 80. This feature is already in wow, which we know as scroll of resurrection.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 6:51:30 AM Jul 4, 2013
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Omg that Would make me so happy if they did that. Skip the 1st 80 lvl's (prob the worst lvls in game )
Id be telling Blizzard to shut up and take my money!

[Mandifesto] @ 1:19:03 PM Jul 4, 2013
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WoW will never just allow you to buy a level 80 character.  The scroll of resurrection is specifically designed to be players to return to the game.  The closest you have is the Death Knight, and that's been a fail as far as hero classes go.

I really just want a way to change class.  I can change my race but not what job I do?  How unrealistic is that?  In real life I am stuck with how I look, but at least I can change careers.

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Or you can be like me and have every class but two at lvl 80-85 and can easily spend a day or two to get it to 90. I had to actually do that recently in my guild. We need a crit buff and to keep the same number of cloth wearers, I quickly lvl up my mage and got it gear to raid with.

Having something to change your class would be cool, but how you handle the gear change. The only thing to can think of is been able to change from a  plate wearer to another plate wearer and the same to all the other different armor sets.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 1:19:07 AM Jul 4, 2013
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The only thing I dislike about The scroll of resurrection is the fact that you have had to been inactive since may 2012 to be able to recive one. I kinda understand why, Mainly so players dont some what abuse the scroll. but they should bump it up every year or so. Maybe to say Dec 2012. But if there was a way around the whole gear thing then it would be some what nice to be able to change our Job.
Also I found this little tid bit a little while ago while doing my daily read. Its about the Exp Potion that they might be selling for IRL money.

Zarhym confirmed that they are exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game.

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