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When we started Game Geex in 2011, it was because we were passionate about writing great stories about games, but our stories weren't getting the front page attention they deserved when we wrote for other publications.  The drive to discuss, analyze, and critique games was overwhelming, and we hoped that we could carve our own little foothold out of the throngs of gamers out there, build a little haven where we all could talk about the games we love.

Nearly five years later, our priorities have changed.  We have never gained much of a readership, and our writers are all moving on to different projects.  I myself play games differently than I did four years ago.  I no long play to critique, I play to enjoy, and that small subset of games might be interesting to me, but it doesn't provide potential readers with to up to the minute information that the larger outlets can provide.

Game journalism has had a rough year, and even before Gamer Gate I forsaw a change in how gamers get their information about games.  We have left the era of the blog, and are entering a new era dominated by Twitch streaming and social media.  Gamers don't have time to sit and read long form writing about games anymore, and a review for the most part won't really influence whether or not they buy the game -- not nearly as much as watching their favorite streamer play it.  

Our company, Rogue Knight Studios, started with the intent to eventually get into game development.  We hoped that Game Geex would be a springboard for that development, but as that never happened, it's time to dive into that strange, wonderful world of indie game development for ourselves.  We have been working on small projects on the side for some time now, so with Game Geex no longer taking our energy we can spend our time developing those small projects into full games.

What this means is that although the Game Geex blog is closing down, we will still be around.  It's just now we will be on the other side of the curtain, building games instead of reviewing them.  This is both exciting and frightening, as all new ventures are, but we hope to create games that we've been dying to play but haven't found out there yet.  If you're interested in keeping tabs on us, feel free to follow us on Twitter.  I'll make sure to post any news about our next steps there.  

The time has come to say goodbye to all the family.  Thank you for making these last four years so fun.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

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