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What happens when you get the majority of the GameGeex writing staff in on one G+ Hangout? Why a podcast, of course! If you want to listen to us discuss our opinions on all things Next Gen, feel free to hit the jump and watch our recorded video. This second podcast comes in at a mere 50 minutes in length, unlike our behemoth 2 hour first episode, so you wont have to block out the rest of your afternoon to listen to it.

(Please ignore Vash the Stampede trying to rudely interrupt the conversation during the first 30 seconds - he just wanted his doggie voice heard... Maybe if we give him screen time next session he may be more respectful.)



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Even I learn new things from these :O.

Also, I need a dedicated mic. You guys sound good my audio is fuzzy. Me and Ohan are using the same headsets though but his headset mic isn't 4 years old, heh.

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Mandie and I are both wearing Turtle Beach PX21's that we picked up over the weekend. They are fairly cheap for gaming headsets (about $70) but have pretty decent quality from what I've experienced so far.

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Turtle Beaches are known for their mics at least a lot of commentators use them when they're not using their real mics.. On the other end, there's Tritons' that have an 'ok' mic but better stereo quality.

I have a pair Astros that are well-rounded and good at everything but i've been using this set since I started competing.. in 2007 lol. Still good though XD Just not a good podcast mic.

I need to figure out what the cheapest dedicated mic solution is since I don't need a second headset yet.

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But yea, that headset mic quality is really good. Maybe it's my computer settings or Hangout because I use these to communicate with my team and they say it's crystal clear. But when I use them for videos.. it's like, sorry no XD

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