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So many games have been announced at the Electronics Entertainment Expo. The primary question is, which game should I pay the most attention to. I've decided to make a list of my top ten must-buys of upcoming games:

10. Project Spark

It's a game where you build your game, literally! Project Spark is all about your imagination, you build your own world however you'd like it. The best part is that your options are limitless. My world would probably consist of bad guys and explosions everywhere. I hope to see more of this game really soon!

9. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3 wasn't much of an appealing game for me but after watching trailers on this new and improved sequel, I'm sold. While watching the game play for Battlefield 4, I wasn't thinking too much of it until I saw the destructible environments, the "levolution" as they call it. You are given the freedom to knock down sky scrapers, level underground tunnels by shooting the pillars-- pretty much destructible environments to its fullest. This is just one of those games where I would just enjoying blowing up buildings rather than shooting people.

8. Titan Fall

Every mech battle game I have ever played has not given me the freedom to actually eject out of the my robot. In Titan Fall, you can do just that! It's a fast pace first-person shooter with objective based modes and you are given the option to travel on foot or fight in a bulky robot. What I really loved about watching the gameplay is how you can jump on the mech suit and manually shoot out the core to blow it up. The game is also very dynamic in terms of climbing, double jumping with jet packs, and running on walls.

7. Halo 5

Halo has been around for twelve years. The universe is huge and constantly growing. The story is fantastic and the multiplayer is nearly perfect. Halo 4 left us all with a cliff hanger, which is leaving me puzzled on what's going to happen next. I truly hate leaving a story unfinished, therefore, I'm going to buy this game.

6. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scroll games are very good, have open worlds, and awesome armor to try on and use, but it has one giant problem. It has no multiplayer...until now! I've hung around Xbox live parties where my friends are all playing Skyrim and are saying "Dude I'm wearing awesome armor, I wish you could see it right now."  Well now you can in this massive multiplayer online Elder Scrolls game in which I've been waiting far too long for.

5. Mad Max

So far there is only a teaser trailer for this game, but I've always been a fan of Mel Gibson's Road Warrior trilogy. Mad Max has a place in my heart since it's a childhood memory.

4. Ryse: Son of Rome

I absolutely love old war scenarios. I also love how Crytek recreated the battle of Normandy except with Roman soldiers! The game features tons of quick time events and brutal execution which makes it look way more dynamic. It's almost like watching a movie.

3. Dead Rising 3

So going through seven games was really hard for me because what I truly wanted to write about is the top three game of my list. These are the games that I was going "Oh my Glob" over:

 I played the first Dead Rising a little too much, and I fear what the new one will do to me. It's a very stress relieving game to just run around and kill zombies in very unique ways. I even have the zombie genocide achievement for the first game and unlocked the full Megaman suit and megabuster. It's rare to say that and I bet you' re jealous. (You can't see me but I'm sticking my tongue at you.) Anyways, now that my gloating is over...

Dead Rising 3 features way more zombies and absolutely no load times. I was literally drooling over how fantastic the new world looked. Not to mention that it takes place in Southern California! No more sleeping over load times, count me in!

2. Super Smash Bros.

This particular beat-em-up brawler is my childhood. It's one of my most played games throughout the years and still probably remain that way. It's fast paced, fun, friendly, and you get to use all your favorite Nintendo all-stars. The only thing I'm worried about is if Ganondorf will be releasing with this one or not. I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

1. Star Wars Battlefront

Where do I begin...? This was the most exciting announcement I have ever heard. My friend texted me while I was at work about the announcement of Star Wars Battlefront, and I squealed like girl. The other people on break around were looking at me like I was a lunatic. You guys have no idea how many disappointing moment I've been going through year after year about Battlefront constantly getting canceled. Everyone was telling me to drop it and forget the game. But I prevailed, I never lost hope, I...believed!

I hope that you can control the Death Star, or actually pilot a Star Destroyer! or go to war with three hundred people having ground, sky and space battles all at the same time! I want to plug myself in this game and live in it!

 Pademic was the original company that made Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. After getting shut down, LucasArts passed the project onto Free Radical. They made it and almost finished it until they got bought out by Crytech and the project was lost into the sea of distant memory. Something happened recently, something very big... Disney bought Lucas Film and changed Lucas Arts into a licensing company. Star Wars 1313 and First Assault were shut down. I was devastated until I heard about EA buying rights to Star Wars. Who would have thought that Star Wars Battlefront was going to get resurrected by the same people that bring us the Battlefield franchise! I am glad that Free Radicals project got shut down because a big name company is making this game!

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STAAARRRWARjhjnhjdnjnjlkAAASSSS BATTLEFROOOONNNTTT!!!!!!! Dead Rising is pretty slick though and I can't wait for Smash Bros!

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 9:11:56 AM Jun 25, 2013
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This is a fairly decent list. I would say that there are more fascinating games out there, but definitely Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Halo 5, and of course Battlefront are show makers. However, there is one game that I feel dwarfs them all.

The game that I am most anticipated for is The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt; that game screams next generation like no other game. It has a sheer scope that dwarfs all the other games I saw, and still retains the breathtaking visuals that would define a next generation game. This game is going to be larger than Skyrim, and have more dynamic environments. From what I seen, the combat looks to be more natural, with various movements and the ability to interrupt your combos midway to avoid attack from your adversaries.

Here is my own list:

1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

2. The Division

3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

4. Dragon Age: The Inquisition

5. Star Wars Battlefront

6. TitanFall

7. Destiny

8. The Evil Within

9. Halo 5

10. Ryze: Son of Rome

[fraggadier] @ 2:56:35 PM Jun 25, 2013
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I'd put your top 3 somewhere in the top 13 on my list. I don't care for Dragon Age and I didn't put the division in there because Tom Clancy is usually deceiving when it comes to making good looking games and end up making huge disappointments when they release. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is an example of this. The Witcher 3 number 1? If you get to have fun with mermaids then I'll buy the game. ;)

Metal Gear Solid 5 looks revolutionary but would be number 11 on my list because Battlefront, dead rinng, Ryse and Smash bros made me go "awww yeah!" Metal gear was a "hmmm, this looks interesting."

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 3:20:35 PM Jun 26, 2013
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To each their own. I know you are not much of a fan of RPGs so it is expected that you lack interest in my favorites, but just wanted to make apparent that there were other games that should be watched other than the ones you listed, since your introduction to this page is kind of misleading; "Do you know what to buy for next generation? I've got the answers" is stating that this is factual, because you making it sound like that these 10 games are the ones that people should pay the most attention to when in fact this is your opinion of what you found to be the crown jewels of E3.

What your introduction should have said something like, "Here are my ton ten next generation games. Keep an eye on these folks, they will blow your mind!" In addition, when it is headlined as Top Ten Next Gen Games, it makes it sound like you are speaking for everyone on the site, it should have said My Top Ten Next Gen Games or something of the sort that make it clear that this is opinionated.

Sorry for the essay here, just want a bit more clarity that this is an opinion and not the fact that this is what everyone on this site says are the 10 best games to watch. Still you do have a nice list of games that definitely should be observed. I am not sure if this has been done yet, since I have not been on here long enough, but you could have instead listed every single game that should be watched upon instead of making this list and then have their platforms to inform people what these games will be on. That way there is no bias or favoritism, just listing everything E3 showed off.

Game                           | Platform                              | Release Date



[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 4:50:36 PM Jun 26, 2013
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Oh is there a suggestion box!? Could you possibly do an article that has all the staff's top 10 favorites of E3? That would allow the audience to get to know the team better and what they like so they can be more relatable, unless that has been done already, then pay no heed this post. :P

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I plan on trying to get the whole team to do staff wide posts eventually!

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Excuse me? No one around me is chanting Witcher 3. Everyone is Chanting Kindom Hearts Star Wars Battlefront and super smash bros. The only game on that list thats biased is Mad Max, the rest are revolutionary. The witcher 3, the division and dragon age. scratch that, I think the witcher 3 looks cool, but dragon age and the division aren't worth the list. but also, there are too many good games releasing to have  a top ten, I think I should have done a tope 20... -_-

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Well, keep in mind that each gamer has their own take on E3.  There is no right and wrong here.  Having RPGs on a top ten list is completely valid.  It's just that Ohan was writing this one, and his point of view is very different from the mainstream.  Or maybe his PoV is mainstream, I can't tell.  Just remember that simply because your personal circle of associates aren't interested in a certain set of games doesn't mean they aren't interesting to many, many others.  Let's try not to dismiss other's opinions when we're all here just to love the games we love.  

I was most excited to get to see The Division, Witcher 3, Destiny (weirdly enough for someone who doesn't like shooters), Project Spark and Transistor.  The breakaway hit though has to be Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.  I'm not an action game person, but that game looks like the cutest Left4Dead mod I ever did see.  

The trouble with Bioware is that they didn't show anything but a teaser trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition, so it's not like we could have even seen the game.  I made sure to check the EA booth (they still won't give me the time of day on appointments) and they were showing PvZ and Battlefield 4 (I think?) in their theater presentations.  I am sorely tempted to see if they are holding appointments down at SDCC and to run down and see if I can catch more information on the game.  Keep in mind I don't have a pass, so that would be one loooong trip to see one game -- but like I said, I am considering it.

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Can I just make my list like this?

1. All dem shooters

2.3. All dem RPGs

2.8. Final Fantasy XIV

3. All dat next-gen

Hmmm.... Missing 7 spaces, perhaps I didn't think this through.

[fraggadier] @ 2:33:27 AM Jun 27, 2013
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Who gave me a thumbs down? I'm gonna slap you!

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