It isn't very often the team comes together to do a podcast but when we do, we shake mountains! Or something to the sense.

Hear what we had to say in our first episode of the Game Geex podcast! The discussion covered what we WANT as well as what we WILL see in 2013. A broad topic I know, but we're sort of just testing the waters here. Regardless, you'll come out a lot more knowledgeable of all the new tech pertaining to the gaming industry just by listening-in. It's like free brain food!

NOTE: Episode 1 is sort of a "test-cast" and is completely script-less and totally un-edited discussion. Format may change come Episode 2 but if you have any suggestions, please comment below as we'll take every single one into consideration. Click the jumper below for the full podcast.


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As far as first attempts at a "Google Hangout-Cast" go, it turned out not horrible. Its a little awkward at parts, but I don't want to burn all evidence of it out of existence. So that's at least something. ^_^

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Considering the nature of the podcast, it was pretty good. I'm sure we would have had less awkward pauses if the topic was more focused like.. "MMOs" or "eSports" or something a long those lines. STill, it was a test and i'll make it way more organized next time :). I'll actually jot down the times new topics start within the podcast so people can just go to the parts they're most interested in.

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