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Xbox Live has reached its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate Microsoft is giving away tenth anniversary special edition Xbox 360s to selected Xbox Live veterans. This specially created console has a very “” paintjob--See what I did there? including "decade of entertainment" logo on the side of the console, its very own custom controller and an "XBL10" plate on the disc tray.

I’m completely bummed/Unfortunately I was a PlayStation owner during the last console generation, because I was a PlayStation owner during the last console generation. I knew next to nothing about the video game industry back then, so I stuck with my PS2 and never bothered with an Xbox. Sadly, I didn’t even get Internet access until 2009, so there is no way I am receiving this console.

If you are a ten year subscriber for Xbox Live, you are a brave soul. I can't imagine everyone playing online with a dialup connection back in 2002. This makes me a bit glad I didn't have Internet access, because I probably would have been dead...from boredom. So in a way, Microsoft is giving slims away for thanking you for your support, and apologizing since you had to play with such horrible Internet speed.

There is no date of how long you have to be an Xbox Live member in order to get this, but if you have been a member for quite a while, be sure to keep a lookout for that UPS or Fed EX van. There could be a surprise in there with your name on it. Veterans are lucky, but you can still win this fabulous Xbox by entering the sweepstakes on Xbox Live.

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[fraggadier] @ 3:01:08 PM Nov 21, 2012
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Well Ohan I hope you get this Xbox!

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