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Warner Brothers and Monolith released the first step in eliminating the enemy in Guardians of Middle Earth. Ever wonder how a massive online battle arena (moba) would play out on a console. Well, it's a lot like most moba games but there seems to be something missing. Oh right, the traditional mouse and keyboard.

Guardian's of Middle Earth is set more on team and skill based tactics. There is no shop to purchase items so it's mostly based off of out leveling your opponent. I find this idea a bit better than shopping because it seems more fair. There aren't any wards either, so people will be more cautious because they would have to face check bushes all around.

A Lord of the Rings moba is a mind blowing thought. As a child watching Fellowship of the Ring I've always admired how awesome Sauron looked. Creating a game where you get to kick some fellowship butt means I'm buying this game.


Trailer via IGNentertainment

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Definitely useful if you've never played a MOBA... on a controller.

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