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Farcry 3 released a trailer for the new downloadable content Blood Dragon! This trailer is the by far the best trailer bestowed up my very soul(next to Cyberpunk 2077). It has it all, from the retro 80s action cartoon nostalgia feel, down to the love of modern day video games.  is making me want to bust out my VHS player and watch the old Heavy Metal animated movie.

Call me insane if you will, at first I had no interest in Farcry 3. It just seemed like another first-person shooter to me. Now I'm screaming shut up and take my money, all of it! I've just been watching the trailer over and over again. It make me feel like a child again every time I watch it.

Do you have what it takes to be cyborg sergeant Rex Power Colt? Watch this trailer and I dare you to tell me no. I dare you to watch this and tell me you don't want this DLC. Farcry 3 Blood Dragon will be releasing on video cassette May 1st 2007? Oh wait, this darn VHS is worn out. It will be releasing May 1st, 2013, now watch this trailer on sausage pancakes!

trailer via EGMNOW

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An apocalypse in the apocalypse? Man the 80's never dies!

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