If, like me, you are a child of the 80's and spent a good amount of your formative years with a blocky NES controller in your hands, this video should require little in the way of introduction. If you were not lucky enough to have roughly 10% of your childhood taken up by the magical act of blowing the dust out of a Nintendo cartridge just to get it to play, then let me just let you know right here and now: NES games were HARD. Glitchy and unforgiving, they were nigh insurmountable challenges, which made their simple, 8-bit color swapped ending animations all that more wonderful and rewarding when you finally did get to see them.

Pat the NES Punk and Brentalfloss remember the NES's glorious heyday in exactly the same way as I do. In tribute to the carts of yore, they have crafted this brilliant-yet-goofy parody of Queen's omega hit, Bohemian Rhapsody. Watch the video after the jump, though be prepared to suddenly have the urge to dig that old grey hunk of gaming plastic out of the closet for one more ill fated attempt at Battletoads.





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My epic meter is almost maxed for today, can't...take...much...more.

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This was Godlike :o

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