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The picture may look like that's a 9 member band performing World of Warcraft music, but in fact it's just three.  Husband and wife musicians Peter and Evynne (who gets extra points for having a name that could double as a great WoW character name) Hollens collaborated with Internet famous violinist Taylor Davis to create this haunting medley of WoW music perfect for any MMO lover's iTunes playlist.  If you're committed to making this song your own, you can download it here.

Hit the jump to listen to some haunting melodies, stirring marches, and just try to resist the urge to sneak away from work to log into Mists of Pandaria for your "lunch break."


[via Kotaku]

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I first heard Peter Hollens through the Skyrim cover he did with Lindsey Sterling. The man has an amazing voice.

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