World of Warcraft lovers will be excited to hear that an early version of the Pet Battle System has been added to the latest Mists of Pandaria beta patch.  

For those who have beta access, you can train for Pet Battles in Razor Hill or Goldshire -- I assume because everyone is already there dueling.  The training allows you to track critters much the same ways that Hunters can track animals, and then you simply head out into the wide world to battle, capture and enjoy.  Battling other players is also in the game, again, in a very alpha version of the system.  

I myself am super excited to try this feature out.  It will probably be my primary form of gameplay when I get my Pandarians leveled.  Hit the jump to watch a video that details more about how Pet Battles work, and then join me in beta to get your pet battle on.

[via MMO Champion]



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I choose you MINI DIABLO!   



I can't wait. 

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Gotta Buff em' all!

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lol somehow I saw this coming. And darn, everyone used the poke- references already. My question is do these pets come with their own digivice?

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Now I have to remember what counts what along with that of Pokemon.

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