Good morning Geex and welcome to the first installment of Video Geex. Our debut video is of an important topic presented to us in an entertaining format. In the world of Geekdom and Nerdom there is some unspoken rule by the male gender that females must prove themselves worthy of being Geek. As a father of three lovely young ladies and of someone who holds high regard for female gender I call shenanigans. It's this thinking that pulled me at a young age out of the spiritual texts for which I raised to respect. This same reaction to the female form at conventions that continues to repulse me as fanboys and creepy old men stalk young ladies with cameras and then heckle them for being fake geeks.

Ladies, there is never a moment that you need to justify yourself based on gender. Anyone who asks you to is an ass hat. No one wears a hat on their ass and therefor they are useless. I applaud the continued call to arms to bring the dark age mindset into the modern world. I could go on for hours on this topic, the history is rich and far more reaching then the word Geek, but that is not why we are here. So sit back, enjoy this little diddy and let's show some respect.




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"There are no Fake Geeks, only Real Jerks"

Amen to that.

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I like woman in eSports. We yell at eachother with a burning competitive hate for one another... as equals.

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