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The 80's is like some fond glowing memory for me, a time of nostalgia and fantastic imagination. I vaguely recall there being a video game problem in the early 80's, maybe it was due to something like the infamous game E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. We also had our Wookies chopped in half and made into Ewoks. I'll be honest, I never cared, I loved Ewoks. Still come 1986 we got two truly awesome things. The Nintendo Entertainment System, though I wouldn't get mine for another year, and Transformers the Movie.

Many things happened for a lot us, that being my friends, when Transformers came out. Not only did it provide a wicked soundtrack and prolong our love of Rock and Roll, it also brought our favorite giant robots to the big screen. *Here's your 27 year-old spoiler alert.* Sure we teared up when Optimus Prime bought the farm and it wasn't from prostate cancer like they'd have you believe in robot chicken. No this was real drama in our cartoons, it's not something we were used to. They brought on big names to handle music and voice acting, they stepped up production, they showed us something awesome.

Now if I even catch a slightest bit of You've Got the Touch by Stan Bush there is no controlling what happens next. I am forced to sing out at least the chorus. Of course I have the same issue with Turtle Power from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, maybe it's just me. The video below might say otherwise though, these people were so inspired by the Transformers the Movie soundtrack that they dressed up as them and now do shows signing the same songs. Check out Cybertronic Spree and listen to Arcee belt out a kick butt rendition of Instruments of Destruction.

I love geek culture. 




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