Today Riot Games released the latest legendary skin for League of Legends.  This time they have focused on Janna, giving her the weather girl treatment.  It's a fun skin, but not so over the top as say, Lulu's legendary.  This time around Janna's abilities all focus on meteorology, on the scene reporting, and assorted hijinks.  This skin somehow reminded me of Resident Evil, but maybe I'm just having a dark day. 

I sure wish I had the RP to pick this up.  I can't imagine how fun it must be to summon a weather report out on the battlefield, dance with your umbrella like you just don't care, and Monsoon your way to a bad hair day.  If you have the scratch, head into the Riot Store and grab this skin for 1820 RP.  Forecast calls for strong laning potential with a chance of ganks.




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Its a cute idea, though a bit expensive for someone like me that only plays here or there.

[fraggadier] @ 3:12:33 AM Sep 5, 2013
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This janna skin is awesome!

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