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The League of Legends Dominion game-mode is now finally permanently available to everyone. This marks the single-largest update since LoL’s launch in October of 2009, which adds a new style of gameplay to the MOBA-world. It’s kind of cool, I’ve been playing it for some time now and boy is it a fast-paced type of game.

The map is pretty much a big circle with a jungle in the middle. There are 5 capture points, or turrets, all around the map so it’s wise to constantly be on the move capturing these points. In order for your team to win, you must hold a majority of these positions, which means holding at least 3 of the 5. It’s very similar to Call of Duty’s Domination and Halo’s Territories game modes. If you hold majority, you slowly deplete the health of the opposing team’s nexus which starts at 500HP. Holding a turret doesn't mean scoring points like the traditional style of "capture" game-modes. Whichever team is holding majority is the only team doing damage to a nexus. Your nexus’ health won’t be depleting with majority, which means it’s definitely possible to make a come-back even with 1 HP remaining.

It involves just a bit more teamwork and your character is able to grow faster in the game with faster experience and a faster flow of money. In fact, I think you’re slowly gaining experience over time which means fighting minions or the killing of other champions is not the ultimate priority. Obviously, it's got some priority, but not as important as being able to capture these map positions in order to obtain some sort of map control.

Anyways, here’s a video commentary on a game I played, hope you enjoy it! Just know it’s not really a guide by any means, just a full-preview of the game mode. Feel free to comment about how bad I was.



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