Riot Games claims their new League of Legends graphical update to Summoner's Rift will help users with low-end computers. I seriously just had to find out for myself and dug-up my older computer to see if they're right. All I can say is, WOW. The results were impressive. Maybe players won't have to stick their laptops in the freezer to cool it off.  All hail Riot Games! Nothing more to say...

Watch this video to see the overview on what to expect from the new Summoner's Rift!


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Awesome job showing how the graphics update is changing the performance of the game.  A little babbly, but a hardcore gamer recording first thing in the morning deserves a little leeway.

[fraggadier] @ 4:45:35 PM May 23, 2012
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Okay, I know for a fact that even with this graphical update that my laptop would still have to be shoved in the freezer. When I'm just on google chrome on the cpu meter Sky Rockets.

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Lol well, 80% on a web browser is pretty crazy for any dual-core.

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