I like starting my morning off with something sweet, a muffin or an overly sugary cup of coffee.  This morning I have no need, because I got my sugar quota checking out the latest screens from Kingdom Hearts 3D:  Dream Drop Distance.  And because I love to share,  I wanted to make sure your teeth were properly aching too.  Hit the jump, unless you have an allergy to sugar -- in which case I recommend having the insulin handy.

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be available from Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS July 20, 2012.  

8571Notredame_10.jpg (400w x 239h)
8570Notredame_1.jpg (400w x 240h)
8572Notredame_11.jpg (400w x 239h)
8573Notredame_13.jpg (400w x 239h)
8574Notredame_3.jpg (400w x 240h)
8575Notredame_7.jpg (400w x 240h)
3764beagle_boys.jpg (800w x 420h)
3766musketeer_all.jpg (800w x 545h)
3765Esmeralda.jpg (603w x 911h)
3767musketeer_minnie.jpg (800w x 757h)
8564Musketeers_11.jpg (400w x 240h)
3769Quasimodo.jpg (531w x 582h)
8565Musketeers_13.jpg (400w x 240h)
8566Musketeers_14.jpg (400w x 240h)
3768musketeer_pete.jpg (800w x 940h)
8567Musketeers_17.jpg (400w x 240h)
8568Musketeers_19_.jpg (400w x 239h)
8569Musketeers_6.jpg (400w x 240h)

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