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It's swipe swipe revolution down at E3 as I got some hands on time with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call for the Nintendo 3DS. I've never been big on rhythm games but Curtain Call delivered this sort of magic that kept me captivated for quite some time . Sorry to the poor lad who stood behind me. Curtain Call had a catalogue of musical samples that span a decade of Final Fantasy. From the orignal FF all the way to FFXIV and even Lightning Returns.

But it's not just the music that had me enjoying the game, it's a quick nod to the gameplay of past titles as its our job as the player to conduct the events that happened where the music took place. A simple swipe of the stylus on the touchscreen of the 3DS could mean Cloud is about to swing his sword. A tap could mean a bolt from an FFIII black mage.

The combination of music, action, and gameplay easily made Curtain Call one of the best subtle treasures I encountered at E3. It was just too amusing and remotely addicting to just tap and swipe to the beat of lightning's super frenetic costume changes and Sephiroth (?) crashing through walls.

Theatrythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call for the Nintendo 3DS will be enjoyed by fans on September 16th, 2014.

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[Mandifesto] @ 7:14:54 AM Jun 11, 2014
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This game sounds like a ton of fun.  I'll have to check that out when September hits.

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