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Yesterday Square Enix announced that everyone's favorite key-wielding kid is making his way to the 3DS.  Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance -- yes, that's the actual title, I'm not even joking. This will be what they are calling the first game in the series of games planned to end the series. I would call that pentultimate, but it sounds more like a rock band saying they are retiring and then going on their final tour for three years.

Square is promising new gameplay elements for this first ever 3D (Dream Drop Distance) installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, but doesn't elaborate on if that's new combat mechanics, puzzle solving, or simply changing the skin on the Keyblade.  Goodness knows Sora's  hair could use an upgrade, but I suppose that is the hero's burden to bear.  The announcement did mention that we would be heading into a Hunchback of Notre Dame inspired world, that we can play as both Sora and Riku, and the addition of the vaguely named "Free-flow action" system.  

I personally am delighted that this will be an actual North American and European release.  It will be so much better to play the game myself  rather than have to read about it on Japanese gaming sites badly translated into English by Google Translate. 

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be available for the 3DS sometime in 2012.

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