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It was only a matter of time before people started coming up with unique ideas for the 3DS. According to Famitsu. Tecmo has decided to hop on board, and they will be bringing a new Fatal Frame title to the handheld. Hurray for more sleepless nights!

While only a spinoff, the game will be set in the same universe as the main titles. However, this one will take advantage of the 3DS camera to enhance the ghost hunting action. It is also planned to come with a special AR notebook, which looks harmless at first. By pointing the 3DS camera at it, however, numerous bits and pieces of info will pop up on the game screen, and maybe even a ghoulish apparition or two. The game will be coming with three different game modes: The story mode, a minigame mode that uses the notebook, and a “ghost camera” mode that will allow you to take ghastly pictures of yourself and your comrades.

The Fatal Frame series is one of the few horror games I have played that is able to make me hesitant to walk around the house at night, so, obviously I’m stoked for this. Then I think back to the fact that the west is never going to see Fatal Frame 4, so, I can’t help but feel weary that this title might meet a similar fate. There’s no release date yet, so, here’s hoping I’m wrong.

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