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Back in the days when "stealth gameplay" meant muting your PC speakers while blowing things up in Quake, the developers at the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios decided to go a completely different route. They envisioned a game where toe-to-toe fights fell squarely between ridiculously difficult and downright impossible, and the best course of action was to make sure you are never seen at all. Thus the Thief series was born, and we were introduced to Garrett, a master at procuring other people's possessions as well as finding himself between rival factions that all eventually want him dead.

After many long years it is finally time to slip on Garrett's fingerless gloves and slink into the darkness once again. Square Enix has officially announced the Eidos Montreal has been hard at work crafting the shadowy-yet-opulant world of Thief for a new audience playing on next gen consoles and modern personal computers. Little hard information has been revealed at this point, but it is fairly safe to assume the return of such series staples as the how-hidden-in-shadows-are-you light gem and the array of trick arrows for dowsing distant torches and distracting nearby guards. I, for one, am ready to embrace my inner rogue and delve deep into the arts of skullduggery and legerdemain once again. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some leather armor to dust off and oil...

In the mean time, enjoy the screenshots that PCGamer has managed to acquire over here.

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Art, we all know that's not leather armor.


I'm beyond words excited. So long as the studio keeps everything in house we won't have any Deus Ex craptatic battles. GIVE ME THE SHADOWS!

[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 7:11:35 PM Mar 5, 2013
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Hopefully they can capture some of the fun from the original games.  If so they've got themselves a winner.

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