The first couple trailers I saw for Thief had me interested but not really invested. It wasn't until I saw this trailer for Gamescom 2013 that I perked up. Garret is narrating as usual, talking about how he takes what he wants. Then things start to take a turn, we hear the talk of progress at all costs. We see the sick and poor line the streets looking up with wanting eyes. Rebellious leaders stir crowds of the unhappy masses and we watch the city burn. All the while Garret seems disinterested in the plight of the people around him. And then something happens in his life, and we are left to surmise that he has finally paid the price for something. 

The brief glimpse of story here really has me wanting more. I'm a huge fan of the old series and I'm glad to see the theme of progress is here in the game. Technology was always a problem in the original series; there was a heavy nature-versus-technology theme. I'm sure it won't go into the nature side of things to the extreme the old one did but from what I see I am happy with the direction things are headed. Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think.




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[fraggadier] @ 7:57:58 AM Aug 25, 2013
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Robin Hood the video game? This looks pretty intense!

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