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For the most part, Capcom’s videos regarding Street Fighter x Tekken largely involved floating pieces of glass that served as simplistic puzzles. Today, they apparently decided they might as well have their animation team do something to earn their keep.

The latest video shows off an encounter of mistaken identities, involving Street Fighter’s Rufus and Tekken’s Bob. As fat man goes against fat man, Zangief also makes an appearance, showing that for a guy who wrestles bears on a regular basis, he’s pretty shy towards those of the opposite gender. Lastly, Marshal Law is teased in a sign for the restaurant that all of this occurs in.

The mixing of Japanese and English dialogue is a bit awkward, but it’s not too hard to follow, and worth a good laugh. And while this all but confirms Rufus being in the game, does this mean Law will be taking part as well? Check the video after the break and ponder that question for yourselves.



[via Famitsu]

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Not entirely sure what Rufus has against Bob. Maybe he got trounced in an eating contest?

[Sir Loin of Beef] @ 10:25:00 PM Sep 12, 2011
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He's mistaking Bob for Ken, despite the fact that they look nothing alike.

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That was amusing and very disturbing.

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