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Street Fighter x Tekken has a lot of mechanics to keep track of. This much is already known by anyone who has spent time with the game. For those who haven’t been following it, there’s a lot to take in. Enter Capcom once again, who are always looking for a chance to show off their trailer making capabilities.

The latest trailer, coming straight from Gamescom, shows off the numerous gameplay aspects that players can utilize, such as the Cross Art, a team super that uses a full bar of meter, and the Cross Assault, which allows you to control both of your teammates at the same time (a concept used in the first Marvel vs Capcom game). It’s definitely an informative watch, whether it’s your first time hearing of the game, or if you’ve gotten some playtime already.

The trailer also shows off some new additions to the roster, some of which have already been known since back at Comic Con. The news faces include Hugo and Ibuki from Street Fighter’s side, and Raven and Kuma representing Tekken. Originally my planned team was going to be Dhalsim and Yoshimitsu, but since they apparently screwed my Dhalsim up for whatever reason, I may give Ibuki a shot. And, yes, Kuma does have his fart attack in full force. Check all of this out after the break. Make sure to take notes.



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