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I'm pretty much convined at this point that Capcom just gets a kick out of screwing with their own fanbase. All of these teaser images for Street Fighter x Tekken are just getting real old real quick.

Nevertheless, the Big C has put out another teaser trailer showing off the random body parts of a particular character. Fortunately, this one isn’t as vague as the last one, and those familiar with Tekken’s roster (or simply someone that has a bit of google magic) can figure this one out real quickly. Check it out below and see for yourself.



As you can see, the main hints we’re given are that the person has purple shoes, light skin, and some kind of brown looking thing. Connecting the dots a bit, we can probably ascertain that the mystery character is the one and only Steve Fox.



Granted this is his Tekken 4 outfit, but unless Balrog somehow pulled a Michael Jackson with his skin and gained an awkward sense of fashion, this is probably the closest connection possible.

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[Mandifesto] @ 5:36:17 AM Jul 14, 2011
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Purple footwear?  Now there's a man who's comfortable with his sexuality.

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