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It looks like Capcom is finally starting to take things seriously. During NYCC, they revealed that UMvC3 will have a new game mode called Heroes and Heralds, an online only mode that allows players to go against each other in the fight for Earth. Two teams, the Heroes and Heralds, will fight each other in weekly skirmishes, and the winning side for that week will get extra in-game bonuses as a reward. It's set to be available as free DLC at the game's launch.

Capcom released the official trailer for the new mode today, and I actually have to admit, I’m pretty intrigued by this. It reminds me of the Conquest mode back from the Soul Calibur 2 arcade, which ended up being part of my daily regimen during my college years. In Heroes and Heralds mode, though, you can augment your team with special cards to help give you an edge, and they all have images of various characters from Marvel and Capcom history. So while fans may be sad to know that Iceman and Jin Saotome will definitely not be playable, they will still be showing up as cards at least.

Check out the launch trailer after the jump. You’ll especially want to catch the conclusion, since it should bring back familiar memories if you’re a fighting game fan.



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