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Yesterday I got the chance to head on over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to attend the Tim Burton exhibit.  It was recommended by my father of all people, who had seen it a couple of times and was amazed and the brilliance and breadth of work shown off there.  I myself was impressed by not only his mastery of shapes and puns, but also his tenure at Disney.  I hadn't realized that he was an animator there. The image above was a concept sketch for his version of Romeo and Juliet, by way of Where the Wild Things Are, I assume.

As America's favorite Goth film director Burton has had an incredible influence on cinema and fringe culture so after leaving the museum I lamented the fact that I couldn't post about my experience.  Then I started wondering if Tim Burton has influenced not only the cartoons and movies we watch but also the games we play.  I certainly don't think a game like Limbo could be created in a world devoid of Burton's particular world view.  

But what's your opinion?  Do you think Burton has had an affect on the gaming industry?  If so, can you think of any examples?

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