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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and a new month has begun.  What better way to start July 2013 than a friendly neighborhood Game Geex discussion?  

Today I'm interested to hear about what games you're looking forward to this year.  The next generation of consoles is upon us, and quicker than you know it the time will be here for us to belly up to the Gamestop and start purchasing the games that will start off this new console cycle.  We have already started this discussion in Ohan's post about his personal list of top ten upcoming games, but now's your turn:  What is on your watch list for the upcoming game release season?  

I'll start you all off with my list.  It's still shifting around, because as I learn more about titles my interests change.  Also, this is just my list based on what I saw at E3, and it's not in any particular order:


  1. BandFuse: Rock Legends
  2. Fantasia
  3. Tearaway
  4. Transistor
  5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  6. Project Spark
  7. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  8. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
  9. Tom Clancy's The Division
  10. Dragon Age Inquisition


Tag, you're it!  I'd love to know what's on your list.

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1) The Witcher 3

2) Transistor

3) The Division, A Tom Clancy Future

4) Half-Life 3 (just gonna put that there, don't pay attention to it.)

5) More Minecraft Versions... All the versions. Ever.

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1. Final Fantasy XIV (it's the closest)

2. Whatever next-gen happens to be out on launch

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I'm looking forward to FFXIV 2.0 but really trying not to think about it! I just get frustrated thinking a lot about games I can't play yet, so I try and keep from getting super-excited and then super-burning-out before the game even launches.

My big plan is to save up for a PS4, mostly! I am excited to get a hold of the FFX re-release!!

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What Im most looking forward to right now is the next Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game, as well as the new Infamous title. I need me a good old fashioned single player story fix.

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1: Final Fantasy XIV

2: Watch Dogs

3: Destiny  (I know its not coming out this year, maybe see some more stuff about it)

4: Blizzcon (its not a game, but cant wait to watch it and see where they will go with their games. Whats the next wow expansion, whats going to be in the D3 expansion, and also, maybe, just maybe a little teaser of Titan.

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 7:58:41 AM Jul 2, 2013
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Alright Mavlock! Looks like we have a similar opinion on what is our most anticipated game! Awesome there is some love going for The Witcher! This list is tentative and likely to change depending on what is shown in the future, but the top 5 are not likely to budge, especially my number one.

1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

2. The Division

3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

4. Dragon Age: The Inquisition

5. Star Wars Battlefront

6. TitanFall

7. Destiny

8. The Evil Within

9. Halo 5

10. Elder Scrolls Online

[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 9:02:36 AM Jul 2, 2013
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Not in any particular order:

Shadowrun Returns

Shroud of the Avatar

Wastelands 2

Shovel Knight

Crystal Catacombs

Project Eternity

Torment: Tides of Numenara

Grim Dawn

Elder Scrolls Online

With the exception of a few franchises, most modern games just don't get me excited anymore.

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Quite a unique list there, CNC! I definitely am curious on Shadowrun because they're going back to their roots I heard.

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Quite a unique list there, CNC! I definitely am curious on Shadowrun because they're going back to their roots I heard.

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Quite a unique list there, CNC! I definitely am curious on Shadowrun because they're going back to their roots I heard.

[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 7:31:14 PM Jul 3, 2013
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Yeah for me the newer games are getting harder and harder to play.  Any type of 3D game that is controller based is hard for me to control. I am definitely the old man on here but not by much for some cough... Art and Mavlock... cough.  I picked up an Ouya off Kickstarter and have been enjoying some of the more retro indie games on it as well.


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Yea, I hear Ouya is picking up a decent audience.

Though, I always thought the games were getting easier XD Not because they directly are, but more so because they baby you through a lot of tutorials and text boxes that tell you what you have to do. Though, some of the high-speed games can be a bit hard for some that's for sure.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 5:53:22 AM Jul 3, 2013
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For me my list of games I am looking forward 2 even tho some of them are not this year but next year or a few years from now.They are as fallow

1) Pokemon Z and Y
2) Super Smash Bros Wiiu/3DS
3) Final Fantasy 14
4)Monster hunter 4 if it ends up come to NA
5) Monster hunter online if it comes to NA
6)Elder scrolls Online
7) Archeage

8) Dragon Age: The Inquisition

9) Everquest Next (Mainly to see how this game turns out. I have fallen in love with World of warcraft. From what I have heard and did play in Ever quest the games have ALOT in common, So id love to see how well Everquest next dose and what all they bring into their game.

10) Phantasy Star Online 2


I am more into Computer based games. But I do enjoy the hand held console games since i can still play them at my computer while I can still chat with my Friends on Skype and my WOW guild Members.  But if a group of my friends do start playing online Console games that are for Playstation or Nintendo I will most Happily join them

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