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It’s Monday afternoon and time for Ubisoft to throw their hat into the E3 press conference ring. Let’s see if Assassin’s Creed Black Flag has any surprise brothers or sisters hiding in the game release closet.



Rocksmith 2014

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains  takes the stage playing guitar in Rocksmith, which now has customizable bands for you to jam with in Session Mode.  For lovers of the rhythm game genre this is definitely awesome.  I am not sure how pro I could get with an actual guitar though, so it seems pretty intimidating from where I sit.  Granted they say it’s the “fastest way to learn guitar” so I might have to put them to the test.  


Splinter Cell Blacklist

August 20, 2013 release date.  Sam Fisher returns to dominate the single player espionage dealing with something called the Fourth Echelon.  Spies vs Mercs returns. You can’t stop the blacklist.


Rayman Legends

This is quite a contrast to Splinter Cell.  A cute red headed viking flies through the air , heading to Rayman’s rescue. It’s taken a while to get this game, but it will finally be available September 3, 2013. THis time you have competitive multiplayer modes and epic boss battles.  


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

This game is all about stealing for your neighbors and protecting your own pile of loot.  The game is in beta, so you can try out the game for yourself now.  I always find the trailers for this game to be completely delightful.  I don’t necessarily like forced PvP games though so as much as I like the humor in this game I am sort of wary of trying it out myself.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

More outrageousness from Matt and Tray will come out Holiday 2013.  The trailer features something called the Nagasaki Fart, and I’ll leave it at that.


The Crew

Ah yet another racing game.  It’s pretty enough, but that’s sort of a requirement for these sorts of games. I guess what sets this game apart is the fact that you are racing with a team, Fast and Furious style.  You are able to drive the entire United States and defeat crews across the country using an online persistent world.  Co-op is available in every mission or race.  There is no lobby when you invite your friends to join you in a challenge, they just add in and start driving immediately.


There are thousands of 20 second trials scattered without the world, and each rewards you with cash and perks.  You build and customize cars in order to accomplish challenges. The customization system allows you to change your car around for each challenge. Not very realistic, but certainly cool. You can customize a ride on your tablet.  The game will be available early 2014.


Watch Dogs

A new gameplay trailer is shown.  Hackivism at it’s finesh.  The characters are so well designed I have to look twice to see if they aren’t just people.  I love that we have finally gotten here with gaming.  Au Revoir Uncanny Valley.  I really hope this guy’s phone never goes dead, otherwise so is he. I’m shocked we didn’t see a gameplay demo at this point.


Just Dance 2014

6-player co-op, On-Stage Mode, and the ability to DJ your own music as you dance are now features in the latest installment of Ubisoft’s dance rhythm party game.  Coming to all next-gen consoles Holiday 2013.  Interestingly enough this game got its start in the dance minigame inside Raving Rabbids.


Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show

A TV show will launch soon that you can actually play along on Nickelodeon.  Gotta say, that’s pretty awesome.  Today’s children television usually features calls for interaction from the viewers.  Now there will be a tv show that will actually notice.  This is much like the interactive Sesame Street episodes on Xbox Live.  


Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

We get a brand new trailer for Ubisoft’s most highly anticipated game.  In the trailer you see the assassin get help from a compatriot to start a bar fight so he can steal a pouch from a soldier.  Then we get a chance to see what the new ship combat will look like.  Foggy, and engrossing, and totally epic.  Those of you who skipped the ship missions in AC3 are in trouble now, because this dude’s a pirate in every sense of the word. Ingame footage impresses with beautiful visuals and sweeping landscapes.


Trials:Frontier & Trials: Fusion

This 2D dirt bike romp will be in released in two titles, one for consoles and PC and one exclusive mobile title.  


Tom Clancy’s The Division

To round out the conference we are introduced to an MMORPG set in a dystopic future and features the threat of global pandemic.  They show in game footage of the game, where the player travels through the streets of New York 3 weeks after an outbreak on Black Friday that destroys almost the entire population.  The gameplay features group FPS combat that looks like any standalone shooter, but I have to remember this is an online game.  One player has jumped in to play with them on his tablet, manning an aerial drone to help them take out baddies. On the interior of the police station they free the officers, open up the armory and get new weapons, and head outside for some PvP combat as the map pans out and shows the open world and all the combat going on across the city.  This game will be available on PS4 and XBO.


Well we had a couple surprises  from Ubisoft this year, the biggest of which is their Tom Clancy MMO.  Just as with our previous coverage, we'll update with images and video as we find them. In just two hours we'll have Sony's own press conference, so make sure to check back this evening as we round out the first day of E3.


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