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This year Electronic Arts will offer 11 games for next gen consoles.  There wasn’t much of a preamble, so I won’t spend much time building it up and will instead let you read about the games for yourself.  If you haven’t had a chance, read through our coverage of the Microsoft E3 Press Conference posted earlier, and check back here as we add images as we find them.

PvZ Garden Warfare

The first trailer they show is a completely new game from Popcap which looks like it’s a multiplayer match game.  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this.  This is a third person action title. This game will first come to Xbox One, then to Xbox 360.  The gameplay they show is the four player co-op survival mode. I have to say that this game is gorgeous.  The first thing you’ll notice is that the plants are now mobile.  In Garden Warfare you play as a plant class who can also plant other smaller plants to damage the zombies.  One example is the Sunflower who is the healer of the group, who can also damage enemies with the power of the sun.  

The boss wave is the beloved Disco zombie followed by Gargantuar, who seems much more massive in 3D. At the end of the presentation they announce Peggle 2 coming this year.  Man Popcap is busy.



This game was announced during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, but now we’ll get to see more from Respawn Entertainment now, which is great because we need deets now pl0x.  And now inside the development of the game.  What I’m not sure about is whether or not there is a singleplayer component to the game or if it’s purely multiplayer. Yep, single player campaign is not only available, but also ties seamlessly into the multiplayer sessions.  That’s something we saw in the previous press conference. Ah, the mechs are called Titans, and the players pilots.  That explains the name of the game better.  


Star Wars Battlefront

And the crowd goes wild!   It’s just a teaser trailer though, which makes me sad.  At least we know they will be taking their IP partnership with Disney seriously.  Still, it’s not 1313.


Need For Speed: Rivals

Overwritten dialog superimposed over standard chase sequences.  This is definitely a yawnfest.  Gameplay session shows the opportunities you have to start as either a racer or a cop.  The sessions can start in singleplayer and end in multiplayer, which is interesting.   Once the gameplay is done, they brought out Aaron Paul an actor who will be starring in the Need for Speed movie.  And now they show a video talking about the filming of the movie. The film will be out in Spring 2014.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

This game will launch Fall 2014.  The trailer they are showing is entitled “The Fires Above”. You see Varric Tethras from the previous game kneeling over the dead and Claudia Black as Morrigan narrates.  The world is attacked by demons from above. Oh it’s Morrigan narrating.  I guess this means you’re returning to the Hero of Ferelden?  But that doesn’t make sense with Varric in the trailer.  Intriguing.  Let the speculation begin.



EA Sports Ignite

Electronic Arts is talking about human intelligence, living worlds and dynamic gameplay.  They are not exactly clear on what this is.



NBA Live 14

They wanted to create a great basketball exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.  Now Kyrie Irving is talking about the importance of dribbling in gaming.  They are talking about bounceTek, a completely new system that helps create realistic dribbling in the game.  Now the ball is released to physics rather than being tied to the hand of the player.  


Madden NFL 25

This is an incredibly realistic game.  They have a new true step locomotion system so players can have precise footwork, and a player sense feature that will allow players to react on the fly.  Lineplay is the foundation of Madden now.  They have rebuilt their line play from the ground up.  It sounds as if you have smarter AI helping you out on the field.  I have to say I’m impressed.  They might actually get me to play the game again.  The gameplay trailer follows, and it definitely looks realistic, although the models are still pretty clunky compared to some other games we’ve seen today. I think they could have done more visually.



It appears that they have done a lot of work interviewing various soccer players around the world, and the trailer is mostly just the players talking in Spanish while shots of gameplay are shown. Drake (I assume some musician) takes the stage to talk about how passionate he is about FIFA. That was a pretty useless cameo.  Obviously I am not the target audience for this game.  It’s nice that crowds now have emotional reaction to events in the game.  The game will be playable on the show floor at E3.



Wrestling fans will be happy to see a couple famous fighters and the president of the UFC take the stage to talk about the game.  The first part of the presentation is about how awesome fighting is.  Yay violence. The first system is their MMAi system, and that makes me snicker.  No, sorry, I don’t want to know what it’s like to be punched in the face -- but evidently many people do because they’re adding in full body deformation for the first time in any fighting game.  The game launches Xbox One and PS4 Spring 2014.


Battlefield 4

Design in this game is defined as “levolution,” although I am not sure what that means.  This time around you’ll get Command Mode so you can control units on the field.  You can also use this mode on the go with your tablet. A multiplayer gameplay session, this time is showing off Siege of Shanghai, which seems to make the audience happy. There is a 64 player livestream happening at the EA booth which you can follow all week on the Battlefield website.  The producer is acting as Commander, but he’s not very into it.  I think there’s a lot of opportunity for immersive gameplay when you have a real player organizing the field.

Visually this isn’t very impressive, but that might be simply because of how they have to plan for 64 players at once. I have to say watching a building collapse in front of you is slick.


Mirror’s Edge 2

A beautiful trailer teasing us with Faith’s new tattoos and saying, “coming... when it’s ready.”


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