The EA conference had a strong line-up, but the crowd went wild, and so did I, for one highly-anticipated title. The next generation of Star Wars: Battlefront was announced earlier this morning under the banner of DICE and I am INCREDIBLY excited for it!

Questions raise through my mind. How many players in an online match? How many new vehicles? What kind of modes to expect. The list is endless! I personally enjoyed the first two Battlefront titles the most. While the new games felt lackluster to my taste, they all brought in new, innovative modes, to keep the players hooked. And if you're not a fan of new modes, new vehicles and timelines in the expanded universe were always expected and welcome. Perhaps we will get to see some Old Republic warfare during the era when the Sith had a larger control of the universe, or maybe even go forward and play-out great battles past the era of the Galatic Empire.

Unfortunately, all we got was a teaser trailer (and not one of those fancy dubstep gameplay videos), but it's still enough for me to be excited about it. I honestly don't care what kind of tricks EA pulls on this one, because I have waited too long for me to complain about them. So long as the likely cash shop actually has things of value and not things the game should already have, i'm fine with it.

Check out the teaser below. No news on release dates or graphics engines or even platforms have been made at this time:

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[fraggadier] @ 5:51:16 AM Jun 12, 2013
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So, the greatest game of all time is finally being announced. I hope they use Frostbite 3!

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