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E3 2013 is coming up next week and it's going to be quite the hassle to cover most of it but here's to hoping for a good start and a great show!

It was revealed that Square Enix will be present to showcase their upcoming revamp of FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Expect to see the reveals of both The Summoner and Scholar class jobs as well as higher-level gameplay reveal. I say that because a rather cool prize is handed out to all groups victorious during a certain playable battle demo at their booth, should you attend the event. Aside from that, the most desired thing that a whole lot of people are waiting for is their new "epic" trailer for the game, since "good" wasn't enough. If it's anything like the phenomenal "End of an Era" trailer they put out a year ago, this is something to anticipate even if you're not a FFXIV fan.

You heard it here folks. If you're waiting on A Realm Reborn goodness at E3; expect class reveal, endgame/lore reveal, and a sexy new eye-candy in the form of a Final Fantasy calibur cinematic. Stay-tuned for more E3 anticipations as they come by! The video is in!


EDIT 6/11/13: The new epic trailer is out! Watch it here.

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