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Ok, this one isn't actually during the event itself but it's pretty freakin' close. On June 11th, my life is over because Nintendo Direct is going to aire and all the announcements will kill me. Yup I said it. But one of the most anticipated titles to be debuted by Nintendo is their infamous ace-in-the-holes, Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS. And yes, they're showing gameplay. And yes, I think I just passed out.

I've heard a lot of rumors regarding this title, but much like any rumor, it's a RUMOR. Custom characters and skill set slots? Dear lord, I hope they don't stray too far from their roots here. Still, it's a Smash Bros. game and only lord, and the whole world, knows it's going to be a blast. As for new characters, I believe the new Mewtwo is in heavy consideration if not already confirmed and we all know they have to add in minimum, 216 playable characters from the next generation of Pokemon, X & Y. What? Gotta have all dem' Pokemon.

This time around, they can do so much for the game. Might as well charge my card now if Nintendo plans to implement their Nintendo Store to the game (more DLC, please?). I'm going to stop talking here and leave it to Nintendo to confirm everyone's dreams or nightmares, if any.

Nintendo Direct aires 7am PST on June 11th and has definitely got to be, one of the most anticipated (pre)E3 2013 events out there. You can camp out the event here.


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