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When at first we heard that Nintendo had cancelled their press conference for E3 2013, many of us in the industry wisely nodded our heads and assumed they are conceding defeat in the Next Gen console war.  After all the WiiU is already out there in the world, and it hasn't exactly set the world on fire as its predecessor did.  However, just a few days ago Nintendo started inviting the press to a Games Showcase to be held Tuesday morning before the E3 show floor opens, so it seems that they are not completely on the ropes.

Today we will hear about Nintendo's plan for this coming year, what games we can expect in 2014, what is awesome about the software lineup and how it sets them apart from Microsoft and Sony.  I expect another jab at Microsoft used game policy, some more touting of the social experience the WiiU provides, but most importantly I expect big IP news.  It's time for a new Zelda, one built for the WiiU.  It's time for another Mario Galaxy, or better yet something completely new for our little friend the plumber.  It's time for some new blood to be injected into the old Nintendo machine.  Hopefully we'll come away from this presentation energized and eager to learn more.  <

We have a couple of hours until the event. What do you hope Nintendo shows us?

[UPDATE] Nintendo Direct @E3 2013 "virtual" press conference video linked after the jump, with a glimpse of all the games they showed off today!



[UPDATE 2] Here is our coverage of the event.  We'll update with pics as we get them.
The Nintendo event started off with Reggie Fils-Aime talking about how everyone at E3 just wants to jump in and play their games.  So Nintendo decided that instead of having a boring press conference where you sit on your backside and they show you screenshots, they were going to have the press stand in their booth for a presentation and then send them out to play the games and have a chance to talk with the developers directly.  In theory this is nice, but in practice it led to organized chaos.  Here are the games that they showed during the Game Showcase:
Not much new information about the game, except perhaps the fact that you can throw explorers into areas you can't reach and they can in turn throw pikmin.
Super Mario 3d World
Mario can now take a cat form, so the developers came on stage as cats
Mariocart 8
Anti gravity has now been added to the game, which enables them to design upside down tracks and all sorts of interesting things.  
Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD
The big thing about this version is that you can use the WiiU gamepad to sing Link's songs.  Also, speedy boats.
Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds
This 3DS title is an entirely new entry in the franchise, created when they were going to port over A Link to the Past and got through part of it and said "if we're going to do all this work, why not make a new game?"
Bayonetta 2
My eyes glazed over at this point, but she seems to have sexier outfits and longer hair.
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Breeze
David Glass is working on this title I think his name was.  I'll confirm and get back on this.  It's pretty and cute
One last game:
Smash Brothers WiiU
Wii Fit trainer weighs in!
All her moves are fitness based, and she is quite powerful
Villager from Animal Crossing as well as Mega Man
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